H & H 14k Gravity Tilt Trailers

As low as $7,494


  • As low as $7,494
  • Year Built: 2016

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New 2016 H&H 14k Gravity Tilt Trailers

18′ (4′ Stationary + 14′ Tilt) $7,494 (Black)

20′ (4′ Stationary + 16′ Tilt) $7,694 (Black, Yellow and Red)

22′ (4′ Stationary + 18′ Tilt) $7,894 (Black, Yellow and Red)

Spare and Heavy Duty Spare Mount included

Arctic wire package (good to -60)

Treated Wood decks

Arctic valve (To open damper restriction in extreme cold temps)

Mesh Chain Tray in Tongue

12k Drop Leg Jack

Removable headache rack

Removable Fenders (Great for low profile cars or loading material from the side with a forklift)

Durable Powder Coat (Black, Yellow and Red)

8 D-Rings (4 in each corner of both the stationary and tilt decks)

LED Lighting (recessed in rear bumper)

Chain points on rear bumper

3 Year manfacturer’s warranty

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